Seeds for Development Charity Update

School Children in Uganda

It was so refreshing to meet up with Alison again and hear about the progress she had made in Uganda with her charity,  Seeds for Development.

Alison is a strong-willed and enthusiastic person who set up Seeds for Development in 2007 with an aim to help Ugandan farmers grow coffee and build their community, including a school. She found us in 2013 to help her with roasting Ugandan Bukonzo coffee in order to raise funds for the projects. 

Seeing her again recently, we are amazed by the progress. 

They have now built one classroom and toilet from brick to take the pressure off the large tree nearby, whose shade provides their main learning area. More brick classrooms are on route. The school has 6 teachers and 320 children registered in the school. There is also a full time cook, who manages to cook for nearly 400 children (another 80 come for lunch) every day. To add to this, the children have lovely new uniforms.

Well done Alison!

School Children in Uganda

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