Easter Egg Mocha Shots

Mocha Shot

With the Easter just around the corner, we decided to shake things up a little at the roastery – introducing our Easter Egg Mocha Shots.

Steam milk until it’s silk smooth and pour into a small coffee cup.

Take the tops off two hollow chocolate Easter eggs and balance them on the milk.

Pull a double espresso (we recommend Guatemala Antigua Los Volcanes) and ensure it pours into the eggs.

Finish with a generous sprinkle of cocoa powder, creating our upside down version of a classic mocha.

Here’s some images of our Easter Egg Mocha Shots:

Easter Egg Mocha Shots

Coffee and chocolate is one of the most popular flavour pairings. It has long been the favourite of many coffee lovers and it’s understandable why.

The savoury, sharp components of coffee compliment the sweet, indulgence of chocolate, creating a compete sensory experience – aromatic, hot, bitter coffee and smooth, sweet, thick chocolate – what more could you want?

The harmonious pairing of coffee and chocolate however is as historical as it is popular in today’s society. The ‘Coffee Belt’- the slice of our planet where coffee plants can be successfully grown –  is also the home of the cocoa bean. Coffee has its ancient origins in East Africa, whilst cocoa originated from Brazil. Once the Great Age of Sail was underway, however, cocoa and coffee were soon growing side by side in the Americas. With both plants demanding the same conditions to thrive, the export of both types of bean became an exotic indulgence.

(Photo credit: RODRIGO BUENDIA/AFP/Getty Images)

Pairing your coffee with chocolate at home couldn’t be simpler. To get you started, we suggest fruity chocolates for Central American coffees and spicier chocolates with Southern American beans. Finding your perfect combination is all about your own personal tastes, so enjoy and indulge!

Happy Easter from the Redber team!