Which Batch Brew Filter Papers Are For You?

Selecting the right batch brew filter papers for your businesses coffee machine can be challenging. The range is vast and the description often poor. You also have a lot of choice in the quantities you buy. Should you buy bulk to save cost or should you buy regularly to save space?

The best starting point is working out what size your machine is in terms of the volume of coffee it makes in one brewing. For most machines, this will in turn relate to a particular size of filter paper.

Measurement of batch brew filter papers is normally described by the diameter of the circle of the top or the diameter of the circle at the bottom.

1.8 Litre Coffee Machines – View our Range Here

These are the most common and include machines by Apollo, Bravilor, Buffalo, Burco, Coffee Queen, Cona, Hobart, Kenco, Marco & Technivorm

Expect to get around 1.8 litres or 8 to 10 full mugs of coffee from a full brew.

The filters themselves measure around 241mm (top circle) / 89mm (bottom circle), or thereabouts. Some small variation in this is fine, as the fit is fairly loose.

5 Litre Coffee Machines – View our Range Here

This is getting into a larger scale, more common for restaurants, busy coffee shops & catering and events, but will also be good for mid-sized offices

 Brands which use this size include machines by Bunn, Marco (particularly the Qwikbrew), and Bravilor (the B5 and the Aurora).

The filters measure around 349mm / 108mm.

10 Litre Coffee Machines – View our Range Here

This is beginning to get into proper bulk brew range and will include Bravilor as well as some Bunn filter machines, getting about 50 to 60 cups per brewing.

The size should be in the range of 464mm / 191mm.

20 Litres to 40 Litres – View our Range Here

These are serious machines producing coffee in bulk. In the UK, this is most likely to be one of Bravillors B20 or B40 machines (which can produce a whopping 80 litres at a time using two brewers).

These filters are expensive and big, so generics can be a fantastic option, as can be different sizes of orders depending on your needs.