Coffee of the Month – Sweet Shop Blend

sweet shop blend

Our Coffee of the Month this April is the Sweet Shop Blend!

Have you ever walked past a sweet shop window, glanced in and felt immediately drawn to the assortments of treats and sweets lined up in gleaming glass jars on every wall: chocolates and lollies and bonbons galore? Can you recall the tangy taste of fizzy gummies and the stickiness of toffee in your mouth?

We aim to replicate this feeling of warmth and happiness with our Sweet Shop Blend. Before introducing it, we spent years building our collection of flavours from around the world and working on perfecting the blend to imitate that sensation of child-like delight.

The Flavour Profile

Guatemala Antigua – hazelnut and chocolate

Ethiopia Sidamo – floral and citrus

Kenya Bora – blackcurrant and caramel

We then roast to a Medium-Dark to ensure that the flavours are released by the beans. It leaves a perfect balance of sweetness and depth, making this coffee ideal for every brew type from filter to espresso!

sweet shop blend bag