The Disadvantages of Coffee Pods

As a coffee roastery, we ultimately want all coffee drinkers to step away from the coffee pods. Instead, we ask you to delve into the best quality freshly roasted coffee. Recently there has been a rise in popularity with coffee pods and pod machines, but this method of coffee drinking also comes with its disadvantages.

Most varieties of coffee pods are extremely difficult, or impossible, to recycle.

The main disadvantage of coffee pods is that they generate a huge amount of plastic waste each year. In the German city of Hamburg they’ve banned coffee pods completely due to their impact on landfill. As the pods must withstand high amounts of heat and pressure, they are made from strong materials. These materials are nearly impossible to recycle.

The result is not identical to an espresso – taste is compromised as they lack authenticity and freshness.

A coffee pod will never be the same as a hand prepared espresso. The authenticity is removed and the taste feels very artificial in comparison to a hand-made espresso.

There is a single brew setting for all types of beverages. This means you can’t change the brew to suit your taste!

When it comes down to finding what works best for you, experimentation is part of the fun. Coffee pods cannot be amended and so there is no way for you to adjust any part of the brewing process to suit your taste.

If you are swaying towards buying a pod machine, just remember to consider these disadvantages. There are other methods available. We suggest using a reusable pod, which enables you to input your own ground coffee. As well as this, we also offer an extremely wide range of brewing equipment. As a starting point for brewing coffee, why not try an aeropress or cafetiere? If you would prefer a machine, explore our home alternatives here.

We strongly believe that there is something out there for everyone!