A Guide to Water Filters

We offer complete water systems, replacement cartridges & refills, filter heads & accessories. It’s everything you could possibly need for a water filtration system! Find water treatment for domestic or commercial use, and the perfect filters for coffee machines, ice machines, and steam ovens. We also offer Water Meters, Test Kits, Water Hardness Test Kits and Bottle Pumps.

Water quality is an important aspect of coffee brewing, especially as around 80% of your final brew is the water itself. Filters are used to reduce sediment, total hardness, and chemicals to ensure a better extraction process and ultimately a better brew.

It is essential that some form of water treatment is utilised to control the minerals and reduce unpleasant tastes and odours in your feed water. Not only will this result in a better product, it will reduce clogging, scale build-up and corrosion. Equipment will operate more efficiently, with less downtime and lower maintenance costs. This results in happier customers and increased profits.

Finding a water filter for your coffee machine means finding a balance between protecting the machine and producing great tasting water.

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