Introducing DBarbosa Coffee Farmers

Danilo Barbosa Coffee Farmer

Redber directly trade with DBarbosa Coffee and it’s our delight to delve further into the story behind their farm.

The Barbosa family have been coffee farmers since the 1930s and producing coffee is their passion. It’s more than just a job to them: it’s a lifestyle and a vocation. Danilo Barbosa (pictured above) represents the fourth and fifth generation of coffee farmers. He works together with his sons Vítor Marcelo and Sérgio Ricardo.

The farm is located in Minas Gerais, inside the Cerrado Region. This was the first region to grow coffee in Brazil. The combination of a warm climate, good soil, and altitude make it excellent for producing coffee. The family experimented until they were satisfied with their coffee production process. They produce speciality micro-lot coffee. However their research of new varietals and production methods is still ongoing. They’re devoted to making their coffee the best it can be.

Coffee is more to the Barbosa family than just a warm, caffeinated drink. They believe that it touches the lives of everyone involved in the production process. Delivering a cup of coffee and providing jobs in the local area wasn’t enough for them. They asked themselves: how can we help our community through coffee?

Thus spawned the DBarbosa philosophy: to aim for exceptional coffee quality and to improve the lives of those in the community around them.

Firstly when we say quality, we are talking about a generality of factors that has to be taken into consideration. Let’s talk about the region: a certain varietal cannot be produced anywhere. Here enters the experience of years allied to new techniques. As a result of our crop experience the varietals Red and Yellow Catuaí and Icatú, Mundo Novo, Acauã and Caturra developed in an exceptional way in our region. These are the varietals that we produce and achieve great results. Plague resistant, uniform maturation and the plants respond well to the treatment and the environment.’

Danilo Barbosa on DBarbosa philosophy

In the same vein, DBarbosa respect the environment and believe it should be nurtured. It wouldn’t be fair to take from nature all the resources needed to produce speciality coffees and to not give anything back.

Their entire team is educated upon the impact of coffee production on the environment. They work together to do what it takes to reduce negative consequences. DBarbosa produces coffees in a responsible way, both socially and environmentally, and are certified by Rainforest Alliance.

Also important to DBarbosa are the ties they make with their buyers, fellow farmers, and employees. The entire trading process is transparent and responsible, ensuring everyone they work with is happy.

As a result, there’s nothing more they enjoy than to welcome their friends to their farms. It’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase their produce and introduce them to all the collaborators that go toward producing that perfect cup of DBarbosa speciality coffee.

Try it today! We recommend drinking Brazil DBarbosa Dark Roast as an espresso.

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Their farms are beautiful: