How to Store Coffee

If you’re buying coffee in bulk, it’s essential that you know how best to store your coffee. We’ve noticed a certain uptick in sales over the last few days — understandable! If the UK goes into lock down, then there could be nothing worse than running out of freshly roasted beans and having to resort to store bought, or even worse… instant (shudder).

So, you’ve panic purchased coffee and now have 10kg of your favourite bean sitting on your kitchen counter. That will likely last you at least six months, unless you are a family of twenty or drink ten cups a day. You are set for the foreseeable future, however you need to know how to store it so that it doesn’t lose its flavour.

Tip #1: Get resealable airtight containers.

When oxygen comes into contact with coffee, it starts to become stale, a process that can’t be prevented. However, it can be delayed. Storing coffee in a sealed, airtight container prevents coffee from going off too quickly. We advise that you store coffee in a cool, dry cupboard inside one of these containers. If so, it should last for 6-8 weeks before it starts losing its distinct taste.

Tip #2: Don’t grind until the time is right.

Ground coffee becomes stale very quickly. This is because a ground coffee bean has a much greater surface area than a whole coffee bean and so the oxidation process happens faster. To combat this, we recommend grinding your coffee only minutes before you intend to use it. However, if you don’t own a grinder, then buy ground coffee in smaller quantities to ensure you still get that delicious fresh taste.

Tip #3: Keep dry and carry on.

Moisture is the enemy. Coffee beans exposed to moisture will rot — nobody wants that. Keep your coffee beans in a dry storage space. Do not refrigerate them! Coffee beans will attract moisture inside the fridge and then you’ll have damp beans and a sad-tasting coffee. Equally, don’t let your beans overheat. Keep them somewhere cool and dry and ensure they’re not in direct sunlight.

Tip #4: Carefully freeze.

Coffee beans can be frozen, provide you’re very cautious about preventing them from getting moist. Place coffee bags straight into the freezer in a sealed container. Once you’ve opened them, do not refreeze, as they’ll have picked up moisture from the air. If you did bulk buy coffee, this is the best way to store it so that it lasts several months. 

Now you’re prepped for the months ahead, consider what other essentials you may need to stock up on. TP? Cadbury’s chocolate? More TP?

I’ve bought three blocks of my favourite cheddar. We all have our weaknesses.

Keep inside, social distance, and stay healthy!

If you’re worried you may have coronavirus, please follow the guidelines laid out by Public Health England and the NHS.