Meet the Team

We are a small team with a passion for coffee. There’s nothing more important to us than supplying our customers with the beans to make their perfect brew. We believe in quality coffee and we aim to deliver.

Graham BW



The South African man with a plan, he always has a vision. Graham loves rugby and zombie movies.

Graham’s coffee recommendation is Guatemala Antigua.

Petra BW



The Queen of Multitasking, Petra can scoop coffee with one hand and pack with the other. She loves theatre and travelling.

Petra’s coffee recommendation is Panama La Gloria.


Sales and Roasting

Chris’s passion for coffee is only rivalled by his love for rare coins. Don’t ask him about his collection unless you’ve got 20 mins to spare. Jokes aside, Chris can fix up your broken bean-to-cup machine, pour the perfect latte, and fine-tune a grinder, all with a bright smile on his face.

Chris’s coffee recommendation is Brazil DBarbosa.



Quick to smile and quick to laugh, Sadie is the heart and soul of Redber. She loves salmon and cream cheese bagels and videos of cute dogs. If you give us a call, she’ll likely be the one to pick up the phone and say hi!

Sadie’s coffee recommendation is Colombia Los Olivos.



George is always ready to chat about coffee and would love to open his own roastery. He loves yoga and haute cuisine. If you come in for a tasting, he’ll likely talk you through the process as he knows our coffees like the back of his hand.

George’s coffee recommendation is Costa Rica Hacienda Aquiares.



A die-hard Harry Potter fan, Jenny loves to curl up with a book and a coffee. When she’s not reading, she’s writing for our blog or talking about her cat! She likes inventing new drinks: our mint hot choc was her creation.

Jenny’s coffee recommendation is Nicaruga Matagalpa.



Our resident health guru, Lewis always has something positive to say. He likes red berry tea when he’s not drinking coffee. Find him listening to folk metal and vinyl. At Redber he’s working hard managing stock or sorting merchandise.

Lewis’s coffee recommendation is Guatemala Huehuetenango.



Stylish, glam, and obsessed with the colour yellow, Debra enjoys days on the beach and meals in the sun.

Debra’s coffee recommendation is Honduras Santa Rosa.



Mum of five with grandchildren too, Lisa enjoys romantic comedies and literary fiction.

Lisa’s coffee recommendation is Uganda Bukonzo.



A wonderful cook and a fan of Banksy, Beyhan loves drinking Panama Gloria in the Turkish coffee style.

Beyhan’s coffee recommendation is Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.



Talented with a milk frother, Talia has been with Redber since she was fifteen. She’s always plotting her next festival!

Talia’s coffee recommendation is Colombia Finca Sofia.



James is our newest staff member, an engineer with a love for good music and the film Robocop. He can’t stop himself cracking dad jokes, with a three-year-old at home and another on the way.

James’s coffee recommendation is Ethiopian Sidamo.

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